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Sector Preferences

Advanced Manufacturing and High end Equipment

Focus on power transmission and transformation, rail transit equipment, energy conservation and new energy / electric vehicles and other industries; Boost the upgrade and transform process of shareholders’ existing businesses.


Focus on the medical technologies (including biological therapeutics and technical services), medical devices, medical services (including testing and laboratory services), and the development of medical informatics. Seek to invest in specialty healthcare service provider with core competency, and disruptive technology of which would increase efficiency and/or lower the cost.

Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection and Clean Tech 
Capitalize on the resources available from our shareholders and strategic partners in the industry; Seek to invest in sector leaders in industrial environmental protection, industrial energy conservation and process reengineering, utility supply for industrial systems, environmental monitoring and environmental services, and upstream materials of power batteries for electric vehicle, and battery recycling; Facilitate the asset securitization process of operating assets and projects.


Financial Technology

Insist on becoming founding shareholders in the creation and formation of licensed financial institutions such as insurance and securities companies, continue to pay attention to the industry changing financial technology and the development of high-quality enterprises, and help portfolio companies to embrace “New Finance” in appropriate capital markets.

Sector Preferences
Investment Focus
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