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Sector Preferences

Financial Services 

Build presence in the traditionally licensed financial services such as insurance, banking, securities and payment.

Seek to invest in leaders of financial technology and consumer finance.

Provide value-added and promote interaction with portfolio companies with the utilization of different financial instruments.

Create new business model by connecting proprietary investment, investment banking and asset management.


Focus on the development of precision medicine, medical service with online features and genomics technology.
Seek to invest in specialty healthcare service provider with core competency, and disruptive technology of which would increase efficiency and/or lower the cost.

Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection and Clean Tech 
Capitalize on the resources available from our shareholders and strategic partners in the industry.

Seek to invest in sector leaders in both operational and technology sides of the businesses, including renewable energy, waste to energy, wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, hazardous waste treatment and soil remediation.

Facilitate the asset securitization process of operating assets and projects.


Advanced Manufacturing and High end Equipment 

Focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, manufacturing technology of high end equipment, and novel material.

Boost the upgrade and transform process of shareholders’ existing businesses.

Sector Preferences
Investment Focus
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