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The CHINT Group was established in 1984. Ranked among the top 10 of “Top 500 China Private Enterprises”, CHINT is the leader in renewable energy and electrical equipment in China, and provides end to end hardware and efficiency management solutions to the value chain from power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and end application. Product and service offerings include smart grid and high-end electrical equipment, renewable energy solutions and novel material such as graphene, smart home and sensing technology, IoT and next-gen mobile technology, and financial and logistics service. The Group’s subsidiary, CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd. (601877.SH) is the largest manufacturer of low-voltage electrical products in China.
Fu Tong Group was founded in 1987, and has been awarded as one of the National High-tech Enterprises, National Innovative Enterprises, Top 100 China Private Enterprises and Top 100 China Electronic and Information Enterprises. The Group’s core businesses include optical communication, metal wires & cables, new materials, and renewable energies, with #2 market share globally in optical fiber and cables.
GreatStar Group, a leading manufacturer of machinery, was established in 1993, and is one of the Top 500 China Private Enterprises and a top 5 manufacturer of hand tools in China. The Group’s operations include tools and machinery manufacturing, robotics, leather furniture, financial services, real estate, tourism, and investments. The Group’s subsidiary, GreatStar Industrials Co., (002444.SZ) is the largest hand tool manufacturer in Asia and top 5 globally.
Wolong Holding Group was founded in 1984. The Group currently has three listing vehicles: Wolong Electric (600580.SH), Wolong Real Estate (600173.SH) and Wolong-LJ (LIJ0. SI) - an industry layout with manufacturing as its core, flanked by real estate and financial investment.
Wanfeng Auto Holding Group, founded in 1994, is a global enterprise focusing on advanced manufacturing. The Group’s aluminum wheels and magnesium alloy product segments have achieved leadership positions globally, while its environmental friendly coating, industrial automation and robotics businesses continue to be market leaders domestically. Through strategic collaboration and acquisition with/of international aircraft OEMs, the Group manufactures general aviation aircraft with own proprietary intellectual properties and is currently building Zhejiang’s aviation themed town. The Group’s subsidiary Wanfeng Auto Wheels (002085.SZ) is publicly listed in China.
AUX Group, established in 1986, engages in the following lines of businesses: smart metering and electrical equipment, home appliances, healthcare, real estate, and financial services. The Group, which ranks consistently among the Top 500 China Private Enterprises, has under its portfolio seven manufacturing bases, two publicly listed entities in main boards, a NEEQ quoted company, and six high-tech companies.
Sunon Group, established in 1991, is the largest office and home furniture manufacturer in China and a Top 500 Zhejiang Enterprises. Sunon has been consistently ranked #1 for the past eight years by multiple industry and trade surveys. The Group has the largest high-end furniture customer experience facility in Asia.
Hangzhou Jinjiang Group was established in 1983, with total assets reaching RMB 60 billion. Its accolades include the Top 500 China Private Enterprises, 2012-CCTV Brand of the Year, and 2013-China Credit Enterprise. The Group has three business segments, namely environmentally friendly energy (waste management, waste-to-energy, or WTE), non-ferrous metal (aluminum electrolysis), and chemical. The Group’s subsidiary Jinjiang Environment (SGX:BWM) is publicly listed in Singapore.
Hangzhou ICBC Shuoyan Private Equity Fund was jointly sponsored by ICBC, Zhejiang Branch and Shenzhen Jinsheng Capital Management Co Ltd (“Jinsheng Capital”).
About ICBC, Zhejiang Branch:
ICBC, Zhejiang Branch is the flagship provincial branch of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (“ICBC”), and is also the largest financial institution by asset and comprehensive strength in Zhejiang Province.
About Jinsheng Capital:
Jinsheng Capital is among the first asset managers that are specialized in private equity fund of funds(“FOFs”), and is also one of the largest managers for privately offered fund by asset under management in China.
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