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Consolidation and Innovation

Three Themes of Consolidation: Resources, Capital, and Expansion

Consolidation of resources from first-tier private enterprises in Zhejiang

many of our founding shareholders rank among the Top 500 Private Enterprises in China, forging a perfect alliance between funding capability and operational expertise. 

Consolidation of Industrial Capital, Financial Capital and Resources

While funding of ZUIG is supported by leading private enterprises and ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management, the ZUIG investment team consists of leadership from our key shareholders, seasoned investment banking professionals, which collectively lay the groundwork for a successful future. 

Consolidation of Policy Shift, Market driven and management practice and Business Expansion

Riding on the back of favorable policy shift towards business expansion in pillar industries, we aim to establish several internationally competitive private enterprises, achieved through our active participation in corporate mergers and restructuring activities, venture capital investments and reorganizations of state-owned-enterprises.

Innovation of Business Model

Our unique model of combining direct project investments, fund of funds, structured product and market-oriented fund allows us to fully utilize financial leverage, quickly enlarging our investment size.

Founding Shareholders
Strategic Initiatives
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