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Investment Focus

Investments in Industrial Vertical Leaders
Focusing on opportunities to upgrade and transform the manufacturing sector, assisting shareholders to further enhance and strengthen market position and competitive advantage. 
Focusing on sectors supported by favorable policies and market dynamics, such as renewable energy, green technology, healthcare. 

Overseas Acquisition
Introducing high-end foreign equipment manufacturers to China – promoting and enhancing the integration of foreign advanced technologies and the Chinese market. 
Identifing high-quality targets overseas – entry into the international market and development of foreign markets through acquisitions

Investment in Emerging Industries
Investing in the upgrade of traditional industries fueled by mobile internet.
Focusing on investment opportunities involving intelligent manufacturing and cultural & creative media.

Reorganization of State-Owned-Enterprises
Participating in the reorganizations of central and local state-owned-enterprises and local infrastructure projects.
Through the ZUIG investment platform, our shareholders are well positioned to effectively utilize their competitive advantages in these endeavors. 


Sector Preferences
Investment Focus
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